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Our Story

In 2006, Patrick Peterson and George Taft partnered to form Peterson Taft Investments. The two combined their experience in the transportation industry, and PTI Transportation was established. By 2008, the company had grown, and current owner Chad Peterson, son of Patrick, began to learn the business from his father.

In the summer of 2010, due to serious health complications and changes in ownership, Chad took over the leadership of PTI Transportation and started to shape the company with the vision it continues to grow towards today. It was his desire to create a platform for all involved to secure financial stability while being treated with dignity. He also felt it was imperative to continue with his father’s passion to promote a “carrier first” mentality at PTI. In an industry where so often, carriers are treated as commodities, PTI views all owner operators as assets, and they are kept at the forefront of those PTI serves.

PTI Transportation holds themselves accountable to treat all individuals that communicate with the company with kindness, respect, and professionalism. We move freight to participate in the economy, but we are in business to help better the working lives of all those we interact with throughout each and every day.

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